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The MSAACS and Global Next study abroad program takes high school students, college students, young professionals and adults out of their comfort zones and into the world. Our goal is to help people understand the world in context and understand God’s place for them in this world.

It’s time that you joined us! Come see the world and change your worldview!

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Dr. Phil johnson

Dr. Phil Johnson is the founder and president of Global Next Research Group and Leadership Institute. Phil is a former educator, administrator and developer of educational programs, but he currently uses his expertise to speak to audiences and train leaders throughout the US, Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. 

Through the research arm of his organization, Phil has met with leaders, influencers and journalists in places such as Moscow, Israel, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Afghanistan. His extensive travel, research, writing and first-person interviews across the world bring a unique perspective to his work in developing a new generation of leaders.

Paris, France

September 15-21, 2018

Our most recent conference

The Communication Puzzle

The Communication Puzzle: Becoming a Communicator of Purpose,” takes a look at the importance of communication for leaders. We’ll take a look at various types of communicators, the art of reading body language as well as the fundamental differences between male and female communication patterns. Leaders of great purpose know how to communicate and they also know what’s important to communicate!